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Father Gregory Hesse RIP was extremely precise in his presentations on these matters. For all who are not familiar with his work but would like to know more:


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Yes, Fr Gregory Hesse was very knowledgeable. My jury is somewhat out on him. He was ordained in the New Rite, and claimed his ordination was unquestionably valid, a claim I would seriously question. He makes many real good points but also some zingers as well. He too seems to rely on canon law too much, rather than the underlying principle and foundation. But he is definitely worth listening to.

Also, if you have any serious disagreements with any of the posts, do let me know. This is not the White Wolf Amen Corner, I hope. I do welcome controversy. I try to take to heart the words of the late Fr Paul Wickens to heart: "We can disagree; we don't have to be disagreeable."

A very fine line exists between straining at gnats, on the one hand, and Trad ecumania, on the other. The positions of the SSPX and FSSP are irreconcilable, for example. Either Archbishop Lefebvre was schismatic or he was not. A person just simply cannot waltz into an SSPX chapel if the FSSP is unavailable, as during the Plandemic, when the SSPX "toned down the rhetoric" to accommodate the refugees. By the same token, the SSPX and SSPV are incompatable. Either Frantic is Pope, or he is not.

Contra Michael Matt, I think the only place to "unite the clans" is under the mantle of Our Lady of Fatima. I'll pray the Traditional fifteen decades of Our Lady's Psalter with any of you out there, even if you are in a "same sex union" and have two adopted children, provided you want the Apostolic Faith. Buddhists, Muslims, and Pixie Fairy Priests are also welcome to pray with the Pilgrim Virgin Statue in the right venue. (Sorry but I am not going to the Vatican II Ecumenical Big Tent to set up Our Lady alongside Baphomet and St JP2. The doctrine of St John the Evangelist still holds.)

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